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IT'SHERE is the only online service that enables you to locate journals at newsagents and find out which of them have what you want available at the time of your search.

Enter the name of the journal or newspaper you are looking for in the HOMEPAGE search field and click on the "search for your magazine" link. IT'SHERE will show the newsagents that have it in stock in the area closest to your GPS position, if you are searching with a smartphone, or if you are working from a fixed location, IT'SHERE will show a predefined area (at the moment a large area of Milan). You can then zoom in your search directly on the map or enter a location (with a Piazza or other such reference) in the strap above the map. The system will then generate a map centred around the requested area.

Dark and light green pointers appear on each map. The dark green pointers mark newsagents that have the publication you are looking for in stock and the light green pointers mark others that have carried it but it is not known whether it is currently on the shelves.

When you click on a dark green pointer a pop-up will give the newsstand details and how to contact it. The system ensures that once the newsstand you want to buy at has been identified, you can contact it to ensure it is not sold before you can physically get there to buy it. You can send a request to the manager of the stand, together with your details so the shopkeeper can reply.

IT'SHERE also allows you to search by subject matter. You can search through other publications on topics of interest to you. By selecting "Advanced Search" you will be taken to a page where you will can narrow the search by topic, periodicity or price. The categories permit both independent and coordinated searches. The system will provide lists of all titles that meet your search needs. The result is that you will find a whole lot of journals you never knew existed!




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